Case Studies

Medical Equipment Cases

By zestsms | Mar 29, 2012

Superior protection and portability for all types of delicate instrumentation and product demonstration kits Advanced Packaging Incorporated (API) is proud to announce an exciting new packaging and storage option developed specifically for the medical industry. Our new, light-weight protective medical transport cases are designed for the convenient portability of your most delicate medical instruments. API…

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Custom Aluminum Cases :: Stock Aluminum Cases

By zestsms | Mar 22, 2012

Aluminum is the most abundant metal found in the earth’s crust. So it is no wonder that this plentiful metal is used in everything from baseball bats and the foil covering your leftovers to street lamps and, of course, custom cases. Protective aluminum cases are light, but still strong, durable, and reliable. Aluminum cases are…

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Shipping Cases Provide the Extra Protection you Need

By zestsms | Mar 15, 2012

When transporting your fragile items, protection becomes an immediate priority. Let’s be honest, whether you are transporting your items by airplane, bus, or truck, baggage handlers are not exactly known for their delicate handling techniques. Because of this, the shipping case you choose becomes increasingly important. The right shipping case can be the difference between…

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Custom Foam Cushioning

By zestsms | Mar 8, 2012

How effective is a custom case without custom cushioning? The answer is simple: not very! Advanced Packaging Incorporated (API) can take your new or used container and create a custom insert that meets your specific application quickly and economically. Our engineers use advanced design and foam cutting technology to create the ultimate cushioning system solutions…

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Custom Designed Medical Equipment Cases

By zestsms | Mar 2, 2012

If you are in the medical field, you don’t need us to tell you how expensive some of those specialized medical tools and devices are. And not only are they expensive, but they are also extremely delicate, as well. So doesn’t it make sense to protect your medical instruments as best you can? Of course…

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Benefits of Custom-Designed Cases

By zestsms | Feb 23, 2012

We do not live in a one size fits all world. So why do we insist on using stock, one-size-fits-all cases for our expensive, delicate equipment? That is why Advanced Packaging Inc. (API) offers a wide variety of custom case solutions. Our custom production work is done completely in-house, affording us total control over the…

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Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s Stock Shipping Containers

By zestsms | Feb 16, 2012

Sometimes a stock case will do. And when that’s the case (no pun intended), Advanced Packaging Inc. is here to help; with over 350 off-the-shelf single lid transit and double entry rack mount transit cases – for use in virtually any military, commercial, or industrial environment – API promises to have a stock shipping container…

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Stock Shipping Cases vs. Custom Shipping Cases

By zestsms | Feb 9, 2012

Stock cases vs. custom cases; which is better? Well, it is the difference between speed and peak performance. It’s like buying a suit. Of course, you can walk into a store, grab a suit off the rack and be perfectly fine. The suit will still look nice, but it isn’t made specifically for your body.…

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Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s Systems Integration

By zestsms | Feb 2, 2012

Saving time and money are key. But you never want to sacrifice quality, performance, or reliability. That is why you should trust Advanced Packaging Incorporated to design and manufacture all of your custom containers, from single lid cases, welded aluminum cases, double entry rack mount cases, and electronics cases to military cases, government cases, and…

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