Aluminum Cases

At Advanced Packaging Inc we design custom aluminum cases that are durable, easy to transport, and are designed to the highest of standards.  Custom aluminum cases designed by API can provide you with a wide range of solutions, from light-duty to heavy-duty cases, the possibilities are endless. Our engineers can even incorporate custom foam interiors into your aluminum cases, ensuring the safety of your products during transport or while on display.

Advantages of Custom Aluminum Cases

Custom aluminum cases are designed to provide maximum protection, are lightweight, and offer a variety of advantages when compared to traditional plastic cases. At Advanced Packaging Inc our custom aluminum cases are engineered to perform in extreme temperatures, ranging from -238°F to +302°F. In addition, our aluminum cases do not require any molds or special tooling during the design process, saving you time and money.

The true advantages of custom aluminum cases come with their shipping and transportation prowess. Aluminum cases are very strong and resistant to impacts. While impacts or dings may show on the exterior of your case, the energy from the impact is absorbed within the distortion, and does not transfer to the contents of your case. Unlike traditional shipping cases where when an impact does occur, the case will often flex or deform, transferring the energy directly to the contents inside.

Custom aluminum cases can be manufactured to any size and/or weight carrying capacity. Affording you complete control of the design and engineering process.

Examples Of Our Custom Aluminum Cases

The API Design Process

Custom Foam Inserts

About Advanced Packaging Ing

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Advanced Packaging Inc builds custom foam and case solutions for customers worldwide. Driven by our mission to provide high-quality total solutions for our customers, API has the capability to fulfill the diverse requests of our clients. To learn more about our custom aluminum cases or to start designing your custom solution with us, contact API today.