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Change is inevitable, new technologies, new products and special content are constantly being introduced into a dynamic marketplace. When products change, protective packaging solutions must change with them, quickly and without hesitation. One size does not fit all, neither does one material fit all. Advanced Packaging allows you to customize your design by both size and style. Whether you are shipping a small soft pack to be used as a medical demo kit or a large container housing the nose cone of an airplane, API can fulfill your requirements.

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We are not a broker; know that you’re dealing with a mature engineering & manufacturing partner that carries an AS9100 certification. API is vertically integrated to provide our customers with the full spectrum of services. Unlike most packaging companies, we have three dedicated full-time engineers on staff to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.

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Custom Foam Inserts


Established in 1968, our 50 plus years of design and manufacturing expertise makes Advanced Packaging truly unique within our industry.



Through the merger of our core competencies: protective case development, wire and cable harness assembly, precision metal fabrication, and conceptual design; API provides turn-key integration solutions for the fielding of both portable and fixed-site systems. Advanced Packaging will work with you from the planning stage all the way through to deployment of your solution.


API is here to assist you long after your custom cases are designed and deployed. Let us be your trusted resource for all of your packaging needs, repairs and support.

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