Case Studies

Custom Shipping Cases to Fit Your Needs

By zestsms | Dec 15, 2011

Let’s face it; there is no standard size for new products, electronics, and technologies. So why are you trying to fit your unique equipment into a standard shipping case? That is why Advanced Packaging Inc. – also known as API – offers a wide variety of custom case solutions. API not only offers different sized…

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Military and Government Shipping Cases

By zestsms | Dec 8, 2011

Whether you are shipping electronic instruments, weapons or workstations, we at Advanced Packaging Inc. (API) know just how important it is that you have a shipping case that is capable of withstanding even the harshest combat conditions. That is why we manufacture over 350 airtight, lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof cases and accompanying cushioning systems –…

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Who is Advanced Packaging Incorporated?

By zestsms | Dec 2, 2011

Founded over 40 years ago, Advanced Packaging Inc. provides quality stock and custom container solutions for military, government, and commercial equipment manufacturers. Our in-house engineering and production staff can quickly and efficiently fabricate shipping containers to meet each and every client’s specific requirements. Our packaging solutions include: Standard Size Shipping Cases Shipping a variety of…

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