Case Studies

Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s Stock Shipping Containers

By zestsms | Feb 16, 2012

Sometimes a stock case will do. And when that’s the case (no pun intended), Advanced Packaging Inc. is here to help; with over 350 off-the-shelf single lid transit and double entry rack mount transit cases – for use in virtually any military, commercial, or industrial environment – API promises to have a stock shipping container…

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Stock Shipping Cases vs. Custom Shipping Cases

By zestsms | Feb 9, 2012

Stock cases vs. custom cases; which is better? Well, it is the difference between speed and peak performance. It’s like buying a suit. Of course, you can walk into a store, grab a suit off the rack and be perfectly fine. The suit will still look nice, but it isn’t made specifically for your body.…

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Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s Systems Integration

By zestsms | Feb 2, 2012

Saving time and money are key. But you never want to sacrifice quality, performance, or reliability. That is why you should trust Advanced Packaging Incorporated to design and manufacture all of your custom containers, from single lid cases, welded aluminum cases, double entry rack mount cases, and electronics cases to military cases, government cases, and…

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Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s Custom Engineered Shipping Cases

By zestsms | Jan 24, 2012

Your unique products and equipment deserve a custom shipping cases just as unique. That is Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s mission, to provide the highest quality custom shipping and cushioning systems available. Leveraging our world-class, engineering, design, testing resources and expertise, API engineering and manufacturing teams exceed our customers’ expectations in case and container packaging solutions. Unlike…

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Benefits of Aluminum Cases and Containers

By zestsms | Jan 19, 2012

The metal forming technology used today allows for ultra fast and affordable custom aluminum case manufacturing. Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s aluminum case solutions are lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective than other reusable protective case solutions. Other advantages of aluminum cases and containers include: More durable than Plastic cases Does not store or build up static electricity…

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The Benefits of Double Entry Rack Mount Cases

By zestsms | Jan 12, 2012

Protecting your important gear during transportation is imperative. Shock, vibration/turbulence, humidity, dust, and moisture can all wreak havoc on sensitive electronics and delicate equipment. That is why every Advanced Packaging Incorporated double entry rack mount case is thoroughly tested to meet stringent MIL and EIA standards. Other benefits of rack mount cases include: Advanced Packaging…

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Custom Foam Inserts for Custom Case Solutions

By zestsms | Jan 5, 2012

Advanced Packaging Incorporated (API) prides itself on offering its customers complete custom shipping solutions. That is why we do not stop at custom containers and custom cases; API also engineers custom foam inserts to create the perfect custom shipping environment. API’s seasoned engineers use advanced design and foam cutting technology to create the ultimate cushioning…

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Custom Medical Equipment Cases

By zestsms | Dec 29, 2011

If you are in the medical profession – from spinal to orthopedic to dental surgens, even veterinarians – you don’t need me to tell you how delicate some of those expensive medical devices and tools can be. So doesn’t your delicate equipment deserve a case specifically designed to securely hold and protect it? This is…

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Electronic Integration Solutions

By zestsms | Dec 21, 2011

Advanced Packaging Incorporated’s ability to produce protective case solutions, along with our cable harness and wire assembly with precision metal fabrication allows API to provide turnkey electromechanical integration solutions for the fielding of both portable and fixed-site systems. API’s systems integration market focus includes: •      Communication System Design (voice, audio, audio/visual, and video teleconferencing) •     …

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