Case Studies

IP Ratings and Custom Aluminum Cases for Electronics

By zestsms | Sep 21, 2018

The reality of the world today is that we expect almost all of our electronics to go everywhere that we go. For most of us, this means taking our phone, tablet, and maybe even laptop with us out into the world – a world where it rains, snows, and blows around sand, dirt, and other…

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Avoid These Problems When Ordering Aluminum Custom Cases

By zestsms | Sep 14, 2018

Transporting expensive and delicate materials is never a low-stress situation. Having the right packaging materials makes a huge difference, but your case is only as good as your intention. Before you purchase any custom aluminum cases, it’s important to take note of the potential problems and how they can be solved. If you’re looking for…

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Benefits of Using Aluminum Cases

By zestsms | Sep 7, 2018

When it comes to shipping and transporting delicate or valuable materials, few things beat aluminum cases. Custom aluminum cases are invaluable to many very different industries and come with an almost endless list of benefits. If you’re in the market for custom cases, think twice before you settle on plastic.

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Using Custom Foam Inserts to Protect Your Delicate Instruments

By zestsms | Aug 31, 2018

Your aluminum custom case helps protect anything you put inside it. However, to get the best results, you will need to add custom foam inserts. Using these inserts can preserve delicate scientific and medical instruments. Read on to find out more!

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3 Reasons Why Aluminum Custom Cases Are Worth the Investment

By zestsms | Aug 23, 2018

The equipment, materials, and other gear that you store and transport should be covered in a case that you can rely on. Aluminum custom cases are one of the best options available to ensure that your items will stay safe and secure. Since you’ve invested so much of your time and money in the equipment…

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Heavy Duty Shipping Cases

By Marsha Proulx | Aug 18, 2018

Heavy Duty Shipping Cases Heavy Duty Shipping Cases At Advanced Packaging Inc, we design and construct custom reusable shipping cases and containers to allow for: Aerospace & Aviation Our aerospace and aviation cases and containers provide superior protection for all categories of high value equipment. Utilizing the clean sheet design process, our team will take…

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Shipping Heavy Items in Custom Aluminum Cases

By zestsms | Aug 17, 2018

Are you traveling with large equipment any time soon? Maybe you are not traveling at all, but you are shipping large equipment great distances. Either way, the chances are that you have invested plenty of time, effort, and especially money into your next venture. To make sure that your shipment makes it to where it…

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Using Aluminum Custom Cases to Protect Medical Devices

By zestsms | Aug 8, 2018

Medical devices are important for many reasons. The first is that they help save lives and keep people healthy; the second is that they’re part of the larger research community that is constantly looking for new ways to help and sustain life around the world. When it comes to transporting these devices, they must be…

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Why You Should Consider Rotational Molding for Your Aluminum Custom Cases

By zestsms | Jul 31, 2018

Custom cases are the solution that answers many questions for people across various industries. When it comes to transporting sensitive, expensive, and even fragile equipment, custom cases provide safety, peace of mind, and convenience. One approach to custom cases is rotational molding, which is the process of using heat and a hollow mold that slowly…

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