Custom Drone Cases

Custom Drone Cases

At Advanced Packaging Inc our custom drone cases and containers will provide your team with a solution that offers superior protection for every piece of your equipment. Utilizing our engineer and manufacturing design process, our team will take your initial design from concept to creation. The final product is a case that is crushproof, watertight, and equipped with custom foam inserts that are precision-cut to protect your drone from any damage, and capable of holding your controllers, spare props, tools, batteries, and SD Cards.

As a leader for over 50 years in the development of custom cases and containers for the aerospace industry, we have developed a customized process that will assure our customers achieve affordable integration, agile evolution, and maximum return on their investment. To learn more about our custom drone cases and containers please contact us today.

Examples of Our Custom Drone Case

Custom Travel Drone Case

The engineers at Advanced Packaging Inc were tasked with designing a custom drone case for a client that required a deployable, ruggedized solution that would safely and effectively transport their drone while en route to its destination.

The final product was a container that on the inside, featured a custom foam insert, safely and securely housing the drone; while the exterior was designed using waterproof, crush-proof, and lightweight materials, ensuring that the case would also be easy to transport.

Custom Drone Case
Custom Drone Case

OffshorePix Drone Case

As the popularity of drones has continued to grow, the performance and functionality of their use has continued to evolve as well. For this reason, OffshorePix contacted Advanced Packaging Inc., requesting that our engineers design a customized solution that would not only safely transport their drone, but would also act as a video monitor for the drone operator while in use.

The engineers at API developed a custom drone case that included shark glasses, a built-in DVR system that recorded what was being viewed, a custom insert for two antennas, an external DC input, and external ports that allowed for video connection. The final product, generated through our systems integration design process, turned a standard drone case into a customized solution that both powers and enhances the performance of the drone while in operation.

The API Design Process

Custom Foam Inserts

About Advanced Packaging Inc

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Advanced Packaging Inc builds custom foam and case solutions for customers worldwide. Driven by our mission to provide high-quality total solutions for our customers, API has the capability to fulfill the diverse requests of our clients. To learn more about our custom foam parts or to start designing your custom solution with us, contact API today.

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