Welding metals is a process that can be traced back to the Middle Ages with the rise of artisans like blacksmiths, but the melting and forging of aluminum didn’t come about until the twentieth century.  In 1944, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) was developed to weld aluminum, which revolutionized the act of utilizing aluminum as a structural material, and is still used today in certain applications on these alloys.

Though a process known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), has since taken over as the primary method of welding aluminum, GTAW is considered particularly relevant for welding thinner gauges of aluminum and in projects where aesthetics are essential.  The rise of the GMAW method can primarily be attributed to its speediness in welding thick sections of aluminum.

The metal forming technology widely practiced today allows for fast and affordably produced fully welded aluminum cases, largely due to the fact that they require no molds or special tooling.  At Advanced Packaging, Inc., we believe there is something timeless about aluminum protective cases, which are built to subsist continually in even the most extreme conditions.  Whether dealing in high-end retail or critical military field applications, welded aluminum cases from API are reusable, reparable, customizable, and recyclable when usage is over.

Welded aluminum cases are incredibly lightweight and here at API, we have the capability to manufacture them to any size or weight carry capacity.  A cost-effective packaging solution, fully welded aluminum cases will protect your products, tools, and equipment no matter the circumstances.

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A short history of welding aluminum

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