At Advanced Packaging, Inc., we talk a lot about how our company and the shipping containers we produce are ISO 9000 compliant – but we bet to a lot of people that combination of letters and numbers is insignificant – meaning that they don’t know what it means. We’d like to take a moment to clarify.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), developed a series of standards labeled “ISO 9000,” that seek to define, put into place, and upkeep quality assurance in the manufacturing and service industries. In order to be considered ISO 9000 compliant, an organization must undergo an assessment from an external reviewer, which consists of staff interviews to test employee understanding of what maintaining ISO 9000 standards encompasses. Should any problems be apparent, the company at that time must agree to smooth them over within a predetermined time frame.

The idea behind ISO 9000 is to create accountability on the management level, promoting customer satisfaction and quality products that are consistent in their level of standards.

At Advanced Packaging, Inc., we are committed to demanding excellence in order to create the best product possible while staying ahead of advancements in technology and in the sector. We strive to grow continually to provide the best in shipping solutions.

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At Advanced Packaging, Inc., we specialize in manufacturing quality stock and custom containers and cases for a wide variety of industries. We create our products in-house, ensuring fast, efficient, and specialized treatment of your shipping needs.

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ISO 9000 Compliance

ISO 9000

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