At Advanced Packaging, Inc., we offer the finest footlockers in a durable line designed for military applications. We believe that our protective cases provide one of the most reliable ways for U.S. soldiers to store their belongings while serving their homeland overseas. Retired footlockers from the wars of our country’s past are often preserved and resurface over time, revealing artifacts that can uncover stories about our individual and national histories.

At the National WWII Museum, a program called Operation Footlocker has been launched in order to provide schools and students around the States with the opportunity to travel back in time by examining artifacts from WWII conserved in antique footlockers. For a nominal fee, a footlocker will be shipped onsite to a school, where it can effectively be used as supplemental education material to classroom discussion about WWII.

The footlockers contain no weapons or ammunition, but do showcase a wide variety of other historical items: ration books, V-mail letters, dog tags, sand from beaches abroad, high school year books, magazines from the era, and more. Each footlocker is delivered with white cotton gloves and a teacher’s manual so that the artifacts can be properly handled and discussed.

At Advanced Packaging, Inc. we appreciate this endeavor on behalf of the National WWII Museum to provide students with the opportunity to learn about history in a hands-on manner. We think the items preserved in these cases serve as a testament to the importance of footlockers, and we know that the containers we produce for military applications will likewise be around for years to come, protecting soldiers’ items not just in the present, but for future generations to come.

To learn more about Operation Footlocker, please visit the National WWII Museum’s website by clicking here.

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