At Advanced Packaging, when fabricating our custom electronic cases, we use only the latest technology: CNC punch and form presses. This ensures that our containers are constructed with high quality precision sheet metal enclosures, component parts, and interface panels.

CNC simply stands for Computer Numerical Control, and describes computer programs that control the machine’s operational cycles. This type of press is utilized to punch out pre-registered forms from lightweight but strong stock material. The machine functions by placing the material to be punched under the press die – a customized cutting tool – on the machine, which then moves up and down to cut out the pre-programmed shape.

CNC punches are usually turret-type machines that have a table with brushes and rollers that help the sheet metal move through easily with a minimal amount of friction. They generally have three assemblies – the powered press turret, the work bed or table, and a control panel.

The automated operation of CNC punch presses is incredibly precise and has the capacity to cut out intricate shapes. They are efficient, too: punch cycles are measured in mere milliseconds. Using this type of cutting-edge technology is just one of the ways our engineers at Advanced Packaging are able to manufacture custom cases in less time than most other firms – and we do it all in-house, too, eliminating the headaches that middle men cause.

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What is a CNC Punch Press?

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