Shipping sensitive medical equipment – x-ray machines, computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, analytical devices, medical dispensing machines, and the like – requires proper packaging and customized medical equipment cases to ensure thorough protection during transit.

No matter how medical equipment is transported from place to place – via ships, planes, or automobiles – it is going to be jostled, exposed to vibrations, and be at risk for rolling, and other possible means of damage. Equipment making its way overseas has to be safeguarded against elements in order to prevent corrosion, oxidation, and the infiltration of contaminates like dirt and dust. All of these hazards can negatively impact instrumentation, requiring expensive repairs that put equipment out of service for long periods of time.

Medical shipping containers provide a solution for comprehensive protection of medical equipment during transportation from manufacturers and suppliers to hospitals and clinics.

At Advanced Packaging, we offer a range of medical equipment cases that provide exceptional protection and convenient portability for all types of delicate medical devices and tools. Our certified packaging engineers design and manufacture precision foam inserts guaranteed to securely hold and protect the medical tools of your choice. We carry solutions for a wide range of medical devices, from spinal to orthopedic to dental surgery, even veterinarian – the options are unlimited!

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