aluminum caseAs a material used in case manufacturing, aluminum makes for a durable yet lightweight solution in creating transit containers. Produced efficiently, modern metal-forming processes make it possible to make affordable aluminum cases and containers to be used in a wide variety of applications. A recyclable material made to withstand extreme conditions, aluminum containers are great for protecting sensitive equipment and supplies that need to be stored and shipped.

Welded aluminum has some benefits over plastic that are important to evaluate, depending upon your container needs. They are as follows:

– High quality aluminum cases withstand extreme temperatures, from hot to cold, and are able to perform between -238 ° F and +302 ° F.

– Aluminum cases can be created without custom molds and tools, making them both time and cost effective to produce.

– Aluminum cases are resistant to impact, absorbing shock without transferring it to the contents of the container and without deforming the case itself, which quickly returns to its original shape.

– Able to be manufactured to any size and carrying capacity, welded aluminum cases are highly adaptable and effective for anything from military containers to large industrial containers.

Welded aluminum cases from Advanced Packaging Inc. (API), are available in both stock and custom options, manufactured by experienced engineers in house. With proven quality for over 40 years, API’s aluminum containers provide superior protection.

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