Behind enemy lines, our military needs all the protection available to them – including protection for their guns and weapons to keep them in working order for critical missions. Cases for weapons and guns provide protection during storage and shipping to ensure the military has reliable access to the properly functioning equipment that is a requisite for their survival and success.

military weapons cases

With hundreds of standard military cases and the on-site capability to design and manufacture custom weapons cases, API offers some of the most resilient transport cases on the market. With cushioning systems that can be specially manufactured according to the shape and size of the guns and weapons contained inside, our cushions comply with MIL-SPEC requirements.

Our military weapons cases are airtight and lightweight but rugged and durable. From roto-molded to injection molded, metal fabricated, and more, we offer a gun case to fit your needs. Resistant to corrosion, shock, and extreme temperatures, our gun cases can withstand even the harshest of conditions. No matter the shape and size of the guns and weapons that need protecting, we can fabricate something to fit your requirements. By offering superior protection for military equipment, a well-designed and manufactured weapons case can help our military men and women defend themselves in combat.

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