single lid transit caseIn an ever-evolving marketplace with continually developing products, protective packaging used to store and ship goods must make shifts in order to accommodate the changes and innovations products undergo. Countless industries make use of a myriad of cases in order to safeguard sensitive equipment, from government agencies to medical suppliers to military branches. Single lid transit cases are reusable and rugged – ideal for shipping and protecting industrial, commercial, military equipment, and more. This might include computers, tools, electronics, and the like. Below, see our quick rundown on the various types of single lid transit cases, designed to help facilitate the decision of which is appropriate for your particular equipment.

Rotational Molded Single Lid Transit Cases

Made of durable polyurethane plastic, these cases are shock and water resistant, and offer customizable lock and safety accessories. Roto-molded transit cases provide the notable benefit of being incredibly lightweight yet incomparably strong.

Injection Molded Single Lid Transit Cases

Frequently used by the military because of their extreme protective offerings, single lid injection molded transit cases are airtight, watertight, dent resistant, shatter resistant, lockable, and long-lasting. Known for their ability to handle low temperatures and provide impact resistance, injection molded cases provide robust protection.

Welded Aluminum Single Lid Transit Cases

Efficiently made at affordable prices, welded aluminum single lid transit cases are a classic standard in protective shipping and storage gear – they are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions and environments and last for years to come, while still being completely recyclable when they’re ready to be retired.

At API our experienced engineers will customize your protective case solution based on its unique characteristics and requirements. Regardless of size, quantity or style, API offers custom single lid protective case solutions faster and more affordable than anyone else.

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