If you have electronic equipment, you have the need for protective storage. Sensitive equipment – laptops, computers, and other systems – need to have specially designed electronic cases that can integrate and accommodate their fragile parts. Electromechanical integration solutions can create not only portable, but also fixed-site systems for your electronic equipment.

Custom electronic cases can be fabricated to meet a variety of needs, such as:

–       Communication System Design (voice, audio, audio/visual, and video teleconferencing)

–       Fixed Facility Systems

–       Mobile Systems (vehicular and containerized systems)

Features of custom electronic cases include:

–       Cable Fabrication: Using automated processing equipment that cuts with precision and strips wires, your electronic case will have meticulous and exact cable and wire harness assembly. Electronic cases can be manufactured to make way for AC and DC power cables, Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet, Control and data cables, and RF cabling.

–       Precision Metal Enclosures and Interface Panels: With CNC punch and form technology, all sheet metal enclosures, component parts, and interface panels will be created with optimal accuracy. Metal can be finished with power coating, wet paint, plating, graphic design, and screen printing, depending upon your needs.

At Advanced Packaging, our craftsmen build and test all our electronic cases to ensure quality control.

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