As a material for custom case manufacturing, aluminum is an optimal choice for a wide array of reasons. Creating shipping solutions that are resilient and yet economical, aluminum cases are an ideal packaging system for many different types of equipment. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the benefits of aluminum as a metal for shipping and storage containers.

Benefits of Aluminum:

– A lightweight material, aluminum is ideal for transportation and shipping.

-Aluminum is a highly durable metal that resists even the hardest impacts by absorbing the energy without causing damage to the contents inside the case. Though it may initially incur a few dents, the aluminum generally pops back into place, looking as though it wasn’t hit hard at all.

-Able to withstand extreme heat, aluminum remains intact even at scorching temperatures without causing distortion.

-Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, doesn’t incur damage from water vapors, and doesn’t suffer when exposed to UV rays.

-Manufactured without petroleum and 100% recyclable, aluminum is a sustainable material for shipping cases.

-Highly customizable, aluminum is available in a wide array of colors and textures.

The aluminum cases available from Advanced Packaging can be customized to meet any size, weight, and carrying capacity. Offering complete design and engineering and quality control by certified welding inspectors, API’s aluminum cases are an optimal choice.

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