A standard or custom-built rack mount case with a Pelican-Hardigg engineered rack will transport and store your sensitive equipment seamlessly. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and resistant to heavy weight loads, a rack mount case has many unique design features to provide optimal protection.  With a unique feature that allows for secure stacking and interlocking of cases, a double entry rack mount case protects electronics and other equipment against shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and moisture.

Here’s a quick overlook at what a custom or standard rack mount case built with a rack engineered by Pelican-Hardigg has to offer:

–          Lightweight and compact storage

–          Racks specifically designed to securely transport and protect electronics

–          Patented wide-design Comfort grip handles to make lifting easy

–          Hardware made to withstand corrosion and impact while fastening securely

Rack mount cases have a myriad of applications, including but not limited to:

–          Holding audio and video recording systems

–          Protecting satellite communication systems

–          Storing radio communication systems

–          Providing a safe space for most all electronic equipment

Advanced Packaging offers affordable double entry rack mount cases for any storage needs that are custom manufactured in-house and delivered with reliable speed. With thorough testing in place to ensure that every rack mount case we issue meets stringent MIL and EIA standards, we put out only the best products to help keep your electronics safe.

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