There’s no denying that military weaponry needs optimal protection with transport cases manufactured for the tough terrain and conditions of combat. But what about the personal belongings of the military personnel who wield said weaponry? The clothing, computers, and reminders of home that soldiers keep with them deserve to be carefully safeguarded to help keep them comfortable while they serve.

Military footlockers – both thermoplastic and aluminum – offer durable storage solutions. Most footlockers have several compartments, including a tray on top, as seen in many trunks, which hold small items – maybe jewelry, photographs, toiletries, and so forth. The main compartment can hold clothes and any other larger items.

At Advanced Packaging, we have a full range of both custom and prefab military footlockers that are reliable and strong, made ruggedly to handle even the most extreme environments and conditions. Our military footlockers comply with MIL-SPEC requirements and are airtight, lightweight, shockproof and waterproof.

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