Deployed military personnel encounter all sorts of elements on a daily basis: sand, dust, salt, moisture, and so forth. Now imagine if the weapons they used weren’t protected from those same inevitably encountered elements, or impact. Their equipment wouldn’t operate optimally during tactical missions, when they need their weapons most. That’s why it’s so important to have weapons cases and gun cases that comply with MIL-SPEC requirements and are designed to keep military equipment safe.

No matter the military mission, weapon, or equipment, Advanced Packaging has an incredibly large variety of cases manufactured specifically for the demands of the military. Whether roto-molded, injection molded, metal fabrication, or otherwise, the total weapons storage and shipping solutions from API are excellent options for members of the military and their sensitive but critical equipment. Our military cases are fully equipped to protect essential gear under even the harshest of circumstances.

Founded over 40 years ago, Advanced Packaging Inc. provides quality stock and custom container solutions for military, government, and commercial equipment manufacturers. Our in-house engineering and production staff can quickly and efficiently fabricate shipping containers to meet each and every client’s specific requirements.

API has the experience to provide you with exceptional service and superior quality for all your packaging needs.

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