If you’re in the need for double entry rack mount cases, Adavance Packaging Inc. has you covered. Rack mount cases provide secure mobility while protecting sensitive electronic equipment against shock, vibration, humidity, dust and moisture. Every API rack is thoroughly tested to meet stringent MIL and EIA standards.

All double entry rack mount cases from Advanced Packaging meet MIL standards, a defense standard put in place to achieve standardization under the U.S. Department of Defense. These standards help to ensure reliability, performance, and maintainability of the equipment in question for both defense and non-defense government organizations and technical industries.

Rack mount cases provide both mobility and protection for sensitive electronic equipment. Regardless of size, quantity or style API can provide the perfect custom double entry rack mount protective case solution faster and more affordable than anyone else. Here are the types of double entry rack mount cases we carry:

Rotomolded and Composite rack mount cases

Pelican-Hardigg engineered racks in standard or custom configurations are available in a huge choice of sizes and shock mount weight bearing capacities. API carries the cases you want and need. These rack mount cases have protected the most sensitive, state-of-the-art technologies deployed around the globe under the most exacting conditions by military, private sector and industrial customers. No matter what your industry, these double entry rack mount cases will serve you and your business or industry.

Unique design features include: Molded-in rib exterior provides secure stacking and interlock for safe transport and storage. Patented wide-design Comfort grip handles™ make lifting easy. Corrosion proof hardware is long-lasting and fastens securely. We carry cases from Pelican-Hardigg, SKB and ECS.


Welded Aluminum rack mount cases

A fantastic green alternative that will perform effortlessly in harsh conditions, such as extreme temperature, prolonged exposure to sunlight and static charged environments.

Today’s advanced metal forming technology allows ultra fast and affordable manufacturing of custom welded aluminum cases. Of all materials used in the manufacture of protective cases, aluminum is by far the easiest, fastest and most cost effective to customize. Your options are virtually unlimited. When you work with API, we’ll make the cases the way you want them. The limits are up to you.

Unique design features include: Fully welded protect corners that resist abrasion and damage from impact. Made of durable .080” thick, 5052 aluminum construction throughout. EIA compliant, extruded aluminum or steel frame rails available in T-nut, threaded or through-hole. Shock mount weight-bearing capacities up to 300 lbs. Sizes range from 4-30 units. Contact us for additional design specifications and details.

Not only do we make custom cases for every type of industry, API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies. You can be assured that your custom container solution will offer more than sufficient protection for your electronic equipment.

API was established over 40 years ago with the mission of engineering and delivering the highest quality shipping and cushioning systems available. Since then our worldwide customer base has grown to include those in the military, government, commercial and industrial business sectors, as well as many other industries. API’s local clients value our convenience to the Washington, DC tech corridor.

If you have any questions about our Double Entry Rack Mount Cases, please contact Advanced Packaging Inc. by calling 1-888-206-5250 or visit our website today!


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