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Looking for a case that can withstand anything you throw at it (or throw it at)? Aluminum Cases and Containers from Advanced Packaging are designed to withstand the elements and tremendous amounts of force.

Aluminum’s light weight means it’s an excellent material for case construction and makes aluminum cases very portable. Aluminum is also a non-ferric metal, meaning that it won’t rust, increasing the longevity of the case. Aluminum is also immune to the effects of UV rays from the sun, so it won’t become brittle or suffer from discoloration.

Aluminum’s durability is perhaps its most valuable asset. Our aluminum cases can withstand temperatures from -238 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, aluminum resists impact by taking the force of the impact but not transferring it to the contents of the case. The case itself may suffer damage depending on the severity of the impact, but the contents will remain unharmed. Polymer or plastic cases can transfer the force to the contents and potentially damage them.

Aluminum is environmentally friendly as well. It uses no petroleum in its production, and recycled aluminum products are becoming more common. Aluminum is made from bauxite ore, which has sufficient resources to meet current demand.

Welded aluminum cases can be made to meet your demands. Any size or shape case can be manufactured, and is an excellent choice for military grade use.

Not only do we make custom cases for every type of industry, API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies. You can be assured that your custom container solution will offer more than sufficient protection for your military equipment.

API was established over 40 years ago with the mission of engineering and delivering the highest quality shipping and cushioning systems available. Since then our worldwide customer base has grown to include those in the military, government, commercial and industrial business sectors, as well as many other industries. API’s local clients value our convenience to the Washington, DC tech corridor.

If you have any questions about our Rock Solid Aluminum Cases, please contact Advanced Packaging Inc. by calling 1-888-206-5250 or visit our website today!

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