Advanced Packaging, Inc. carries rotational molding cases in its product line. Rotational molding cases, or roto-molding cases, go through a plastic molding technique using polyurethane material. The powdered plastic sits on two axes in a large oven as it rotates, evenly melting the material to the needed shape. Rotational molding cases are widely known for being used for commercial needs such as exhibitions and trade shows but also support military packaging, among other needs. To support these needs, there are three distinct benefits of cases that have rotational molding.

Price. Rotational molding is a low cost way of production. These strong cases are able to be produced at a price that is in turn affordable for the consumer. A great factor of this molding technique is cases can be produced in large or small quantities. Purchasing a rotational molding case will be the most cost-effective way of gaining a customized case.

Durability. Rotational molded cases possess strength that comes from the melting process. Although the cases are exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry, the plastic has strong corners from the evenly distributed material. Rotational molding also allows the case to have a uniform density and double walls.  Cases with total enclosure can be produced thus gaining the ability to survive tough environments.

Customizable. The rotational molding technique has the opposite effect of air molding. It does not force the plastic into a shape but rather allows for different size and style cases. Virtually any size case with great surface detail can be produced using rotational molding. Various colors can be used at the same time during the process to create a diverse product.

Not only does Advanced Packaging Inc. make custom roto-molding cases for every type of industry, but API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly builds and tests a variety of complex electronic assemblies.

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