Going green is an initiative that most people can get behind. It’s pretty simple to do things like shut your water off when you’re brushing your teeth or turn off any unnecessary lights in your home to conserve water and energy. People are starting to use more energy efficient light bulbs, driving hybrid cars, and making a point to recycle used goods. Even thrift stores are making a come back. What is the custom case industry doing to join the green initiative? Recycling cases, of course! You already know that products like aluminum and plastic can be recycled; it should follow that cases can be recycled since those are frequently the materials we use to create cases.

A German based company recently started the initiative to start recycling old cases by melting them down and creating new ones. How does this process work exactly? Check it out!

  • First, the plastic is ground down and put through a wet shredder. It is then cleaned by friction washers, which can be operated at different temperatures using different types of cleaning agents. The plastic is then dried and separated into its different components.
  • Everything is then melted down and cleaned again by a degassing process. Any contamination that didn’t come out through the first cleaning is extracted during the second.
  • The plastic is now ready to be molded into either custom or stock cases.

The next step is to start recycling other case products. This less that goes into our landfills, the better. We could all take a leaf out of this book and reduce, reuse, and recycle more!

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Source: New Recycling Facility to Process Industrial Plastic Packaging in Germany


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