All of the words separately are pretty easy to figure out, but when strung together like that, it can get a little bit confusing. One of the types of custom cases we specialize in are custom double entry rack mount cases. Basically, these cases are made to be interlocking so that they are stackable and easy to ship if you’re attempting to ship more than one at a time (that’s the rack mount part). Double entry simply means that you can access the items in the container from two sides. All in all, the concept is much easier than it sounds.

There are some great benefits that come with custom double entry rack mount cases:

  • Molded rib exterior for easy interlocking pieces. When you customize your cases, you can guarantee that they’ll interlock perfectly. We only make the best products since we comply with ISO-9000 standards.
  • Comfort grip handles. We know how important it is to easily be able to transport things. The easy grip handles make it simple for you to take your case (or cases) from place to place.
  • Customizable. This is always a great feature. You can customize double entry rack mount cases nearly any way you want; from silkscreen printing to wheels, you can customize the case for your specific needs. We cater to the government, the medical industry, and the private sector. It’s important to be able to customize everything exactly how you want it.
  • Aluminum option. Aluminum welded cases are light, but incredibly sturdy. We can manufacture aluminum double entry rack mount cases quickly and affordably. It’s one of the toughest options in the business and is great for military and medical use.

Double entry rack mount cases are great for shipping and storing in any industry, and are a little simpler than they sound. Contact us about customizing cases for your company today.

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