Military duties can lead you to remote places. You need to be able to travel fairly light, while still having everything that you need to keep up with your duties. You can’t sacrifice anything vital to your mission, which means that electronics have to come along. Electronic integrated cases allow you to easily move your audio/visual system, computer, or other technological device from place to place. Since these cases are customizable, they also allow you to add wheels, handles, and other accessories for easy transportation and storage. The easier things are to move, the quicker you can get from place to place with little hassle.

Sometimes military cases undergo serious pressure and rough circumstances. Since electronics need a little bit of extra cushioning to take care of them, they are surrounded by protective casing. The cases themselves are created to withstand pressure, tough conditions, and serious blows. Some are even waterproof, depending on the type of case that you choose to use. The cases are equipped with complete metal finishing and are carefully designed to make sure that they work for exactly your needs and nothing less. We use a CNC punch to ensure that the enclosures that we create are high quality and precise.

The electronic components in the cases are wired to give you the ability to audio/video conference where you have a network available in the case of our communication system design. We also manufacture electronic integrated cases for fixed facilities, for those who need the cases to stay in one place, but still need the electronic components inside to stay safe. We create stackable cases, cases that are designed for transportation, transparent cases, and more. Military cases need to be strong and specifically made. We’ve been catering to the military for many years and can help you create the specific cases needed for whatever your electronic integration demands

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