rotational molded caseLast week we talked about the process of injection molding and how it all works to create a final project. Rotational molding is the other type of molding that we use to create our custom cases. While the basics of molding remain the same, there are some differences from injection molding to rotational molding.

So, how DOES rotational molding work?
Rotational molding (better known as “roto-molding”) also involves the melting down of plastic to turn a mold into a case, but there are some differences that separate it from injection molding. First, the mold goes into an oven that is preheated somewhere between 500 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s pretty hot. The mold rotates around two axis as the plastic polymer is poured into the machine and begins to melt. This is where all the important stuff happens. The mold is rotated fairly slowly (about 20 rotations per minute) as the melted plastic fills in the holes. It’s very important that the mold goes slowly so that the plastic has time to settle into the cracks and in order to avoid bubbling. However, it’s also important that the mold and the plastic don’t spend too much time in the oven – it can cause the mold to break down and fail. Timing is absolutely of the essence to make sure that the product turns out right. After the mold is taken out, it is cooled using either air, water, or a combination of the two. It must be cooled slowly to avoid warping or bubbling. Once this is done, the mold itself is removed and the case is ready to go.

Benefits of roto-molding
Roto-molding ensures that the product that you get is strong and durable. Since the process takes a little extra time and effort, the final product is a quality one. Cases that are made by rotational molding may take a little bit longer to make than injection molded cases, but they’re still on a pretty quick turn around and fairly inexpensive. You still have the option to have a mold made that can be used for multiple cases and can even be reused later on. Rotational molding is a good choice if you’re looking for a product that is extremely durable and can handle just about anything.

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