Benefits of Custom Cases MarylandTransporting and storing items needs to be done carefully, especially if the items are fragile or important. Stock cases will sometimes do the trick, but more times than not, they don’t fit the exact dimensions you need for what you’re storing or transporting. The best way to safely store and transport items is to use customizable cases that can be molded to fit your exact needs and have custom foam interiors to cushion your valuables. Custom cases are available for basically any need you could have, including medical transport and storage, military uses, retail storage, and even personal travel. The benefits to custom cases are endless.

  • Accessorize – As far as customizing goes, this is a huge perk. Adding on handles, wheels, and custom foam interiors can take your custom packaging to new levels. It allows you to create the exact case for your needs, rather than using a case that is hard to move from A to B or allows your valuables to rattle around inside the case.
  • Scale – We can create nearly any size case to fit your needs out of whatever material is best suited to you. We understand that military cases need special cases that are water resistant and shock resistant, while a personal case may not require such a strong material.
  • Custom Engineering – At Advanced Packaging Inc., we make sure that every case is carefully constructed and designed to be the best case for you. We have over 40 years of experience with custom cases allows us to quickly and efficiently create cases that are economical well designed.

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Founded over 40 years ago, Advanced Packaging Inc. provides quality stock and custom container solutions for military, government, and commercial equipment manufacturers. Our in-house engineering and production staff can quickly and efficiently fabricate shipping containers to meet each and every client’s specific requirements.

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