Every type of case has its benefits, but aluminum cases may be some of the best for those who prioritize durability – the military usually gets the most use out of aluminum cases because of their makeup and structure. Military and medical cases need to be extremely durable and capable of shipping or storing just about anything safely. Aluminum takes the risk of your cargo breaking out of the equation. What can you expect when you choose a custom aluminum case to ship or store your important items?

  • Strong – Aluminum cases are shock resistant, strong, and resistant to corroding and rusting. It makes these cases ideal for shipping somewhere damp (like a naval ship). They can handle being thrown around in an area with a little extra water and leave the contents of the case perfectly dry and safe. The shock resistance of aluminum casing also means that even if the shipping process isn’t smooth, your case and its contents will arrive in one piece at their destination.
  • Reliable – You want to know that there’s no chance that the contents of your case will be harmed or damaged in any way. Advanced Packaging ensures that all of our products are made to be strong and reliable, so that you know everything will arrive to you just as it’s sent. You’ll never have to worry about “what ifs” concerning not having products that you need for important procedures or missions.
  • Long lasting – Aluminum cases can be customized to make them easy to ship and store. Plus, aluminum is incredibly lightweight, which is surprising for the strength that the material possesses. You’ll rarely have to worry about replacing your custom aluminum cases because they’re built to last and can withstand just about anything. If you’re repeatedly shipping the same items, you can continue to use the same cases with custom foam interiors to add an extra layer of protection to your important cargo.

Shipping electronics and medical equipment can be a nerve-wracking process. You never want to worry about whether or not your equipment is going to arrive safely to its destination; you want to know without a shadow of a doubt that it will and aluminum cases can give you that peace of mind.

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