double entry rack mountWhen ordering a custom case, you want to make sure that you’re ordering the proper custom case for your needs. A custom double entry rack mount case is a good solution for just about any industry needs and has multiple uses. But first, let’s talk about what a double entry rack mount case is and what makes it a good choice for a storage or shipping case.

What are they?
A double entry rack mount case is a stackable case that is frequently used for shipping and storing electronics, though you can use double entry rack mount cases for just about any items. These cases are customizable and can be made in just about any size that you need. All of the cases that we manufacture are tested to make sure that they meet industry standards and will last for a good deal of time. They rarely need to be replaced and can stand up to nearly any condition that they’re put under – this makes them ideal use for industries that tend to put extra strain on cargo. These cases also protect cargo against dust, humidity, vibrations, and more. They’ll ensure that whatever your shipping gets safely to its destination.

Depending on the industry you’re in, you can almost definitely find a use for a double entry rack mount custom case. Several of the benefits for different industries are listed below.

  • Military – Sensitive electronics need to get out quickly, which means that the mode of shipping isn’t always the best. They need to be protected and safely transported into the field. Double entry rack mount cases have you covered.
  • Medical – Storing and transporting medical equipment can be tough. It needs to be properly stored in cases that fit the equipment specifically so that nothing gets broken or lost. Ask about our custom foam interiors for double entry rack mount cases.
  • Retail – Have a bunch of extra stock but lack the storage space? These cases will keep your stock free from dust and humidity, while also stacking to take up as little space as possible. They provide an efficient, safe storage space for your goods.

A double entry rack mount custom case can easily be accessorized to meet your needs, as well. You can had handles and wheels to make transportation easier and decide on what size will work best for you. At Advanced Packaging, Inc., we take case making very seriously and want to make sure that you get the best possible product for your money. If you have any questions about double entry rack mount custom cases or you’d like to talk to one of our sales representatives, call 888-206-5250 or visit our website today!

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