aluminum shipping casesIf you’re business needs to move sensitive cargo or equipment then choosing a custom case is a no-brainer. However, while cases can come in all shapes and sizes not every material is created equally, and one assuredly outshines the rest in the field of custom cases and packaging: Aluminum. Advanced Packaging is here with 4 things you might not know about cases made from this humble but astonishing material.

Incredible Strength to Weight Ratio

When you’re shipping items across long distances, weight matters, every extra pound costs you money. But safety is also paramount; you want everything you’re sending to come out pristine on the other side. So how do you balance the two? Aluminum cases possess incredible durability for their relatively low weight class, maximizing protection and minimizing shipping costs.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

Most plastics, wood, and metals are prone to cracking, warping, or suffering largely non-repairable damage when subject to extreme temperatures or sudden temperature changes. Aluminum is utterly unique as a packaging material because of its extreme temperature resistance, maintaining its shape under almost any conditions, hot or cold.

Long Lasting

The vast majority of cases used for transit are cheap and last for a single journey at most. Aluminum cases can be used over and over again thanks to their incredible durability, retaining their shape and structural integrity over hundreds of journeys, saving your cargo and your wallet.


It’s fairly well-known that plywood and plastic do not stand up to moisture or water particularly well. Plywood can quickly rot and plastic cracks when repeatedly exposed to moisture or immersed in water. Aluminum cases have none of these weaknesses and can be completely sealed making them perfect for offering watertight protection for your cargo.

Aluminum Containers Provide Shipping Protection

If you’re shipping any kind of equipment or cargo that requires real protection from the elements, humidity, and impact, there’s only one way to go: Aluminum containers. At Advanced Packaging we manufacture custom aluminum containers designed to stand up to the toughest physical and elemental conditions over and over, making them ideal for shipping cargo by airplane. Light, strong, and cost effective, our aluminum shipping containers can be quickly manufacture to any specification ensuring your cargo is protected during airplane travel time and time again.

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