shippingWhen shipping your products across the country or even the globe via airplane there’s one thing that should be foremost among your concerns: Will my cargo survive the trip? Obviously, the most important element to guaranteeing cargo safety is the shipping container itself. It’s easy to fall for the allure of cheaper shipping containers made of wood or plastic but while they may seem to be less expensive initially, the cost of damaged materials and replacement containers swiftly adds up. Advanced packaging is here with some of the reasons why you may want to reconsider using other materials in favor of aluminum shipping containers for your next shipment by airplane.


We’ve all seen bags and containers ruthlessly hurled about by airline personnel, crammed under the weight of thousands of pounds of other goods to be jostled about an airplane’s freight compartment. Do you think low-grade plastic will repeatedly stand up to that kind of abuse? Plastic also suffers during extreme weather conditions, becoming brittle and easily cracking in the cold, and weakening dramatically when subjected to repeated changes in temperature.


While plywood can be strong, it’s also incredibly susceptible to water and moisture damage. Plywood can gradually warp and rot over time once it’s been exposed to a sufficient level of humidity. Once plywood has begun to rot there’s little hope of salvaging the container and new shipping containers must be purchased.

Wood Laminate/ Composite Materials

Suffering from many of the same weaknesses as plywood, wood laminate often breaks down once exposed to extreme weather conditions, bowing and bending. While these materials certainly have their usefulness, as airplane cargo containers they simply don’t cut the mustard.

Aluminum Containers Provide Cargo Protection

If you’re shipping any kind of equipment or cargo by airplane that requires real protection from the elements, humidity, and impact, there’s only one way to go: Aluminum containers. At Advanced Packaging we manufacture custom aluminum containers designed to stand up to the toughest physical and elemental conditions over and over, making them ideal for shipping cargo by airplane. Light, strong, and cost effective, our aluminum shipping containers can be quickly manufacture to any specification ensuring your cargo is protected during airplane travel time and time again.

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