Military weaponsThe United States Military’s active presence is often required at all corners of the globe for international stability, peacekeeping, and infrastructural support. And where this military presence is required, so too is the presence of military weapons. The very nature of military-grade weapons, as well as extensive legislation, mandates that these tools are kept in secure, weather, and impact-resistant cases to ensure the safety of our troops. The very success or failure of a military operation can depend entirely on the functionality of the weapons being used. Advanced Packaging is here with some of the many reasons why choosing quality weapons cases is vital to maintaining a well-equipped military.

Weapons Don’t Come Cheap

Military weapons aren’t exactly inexpensive. While a standard sub-machine gun typically costs a little under a thousand dollars, most military weapons will run over $15,000, and that’s not including the cost of ammunition, tripods, or other attachments. Electronic Weapon systems are even more expensive and fragile. With military weapons costing this much, it’s important to protect them during transport with superior weapons cases to avoid wasting funds. And that’s no accounting for the unquantifiable toll that a fallen soldier or civilian can take on their family, friends, and countrymen. With so much more than money hinging on a weapon’s performance, it’s vital to keep them protected with weatherized and impact resistant cases during transport and storage.


In addition to protection from the elements military weapons must be secured against tampering or unauthorized use. Unprotected military hardware is easy prey for motivated vandals and enemy combatants, who will often seize the opportunity to engineer a potentially lethal weapon malfunction. Even worse is the possibility of these highly advanced weapons falling into the wrong hands. That’s why it’s of paramount importance to keep your weapons stored securely, rendering them tamper-proof and unusable in the wrong hands.

Need Military Weapons Cases?

API offers the largest selection of field proven military weapons available from any authorized dealer, bar none. In addition, API can quickly customize interior foam inserts of existing weapons cases for easy, mission specific solutions. At API there are no limits, choose from durable roto-molded or injection molded tactical firearms cases too complex metal fabricated, total weapons systems transport and storage solutions.

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