packagingAs avid photographers know, it’s common to spend a large amount of time lugging around heavy yet fragile equipment.  This equipment costs quite a pretty penny so proper protection and packaging are essential.  Sure, there’s always the option of getting insurance for this high priced equipment, but caring for your items correctly from the beginning will benefit you in the long run (and save you a few bucks).  Whatever your product is, be it computers, electronic devices, or any other equipment, this precious cargo deserves the best packaging you can get. That is why aluminum cases should be at the top or your list since they help regulate temperature.

Advanced Packaging Inc. is a DC-based company created to provide its clients with the best cargo and packaging systems available.  With over 40 years of experience, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of overheated, busted equipment and unhappy customers looking for a better packaging solution.  API recommends that those looking to purchase a new aluminum case or other packaging for the first time carefully consider which manufacturer to choose.  The amount of companies out there can be quite overwhelming, but asking the right questions and focusing on the quality of their products can make picking the right place much easier.  Advanced Packaging Inc. has provided a few basic points to consider when out shopping for cargo companies.

  1.  Company Reputation – You can find reviews online for practically any company or product.  Check them out to see what past customers have to say about the company; companies with returning and satisfied customers will more than likely provide you with satisfactory cargo and packaging than those with negative reviews.
  2.  Staff Knowledge/Experience – A good packaging company will employ professionals who really know their stuff.  Talk with employees about the aluminum cases and packaging their company manufactures, and ask what equipment they work with.  The more the employees know, the better equipped they are to help you make the best purchase.
  3.  Custom Built Cases – Pre-made cargo and aluminum cases will fit some organization’s needs, but getting custom-made products is an excellent perk.  A company that puts in the time and care to create custom-made products is a company worth sticking with. You should always make sure your needs can be met as accurately as possible.
  4.  Quality Materials –   While the skills of the manufacturing company are important factors in a well-made container, everything starts with quality materials. Carefully examine the aluminum cases and packaging as well as the interiors.  Make sure your cases are made with the highest-grade materials available.


Ultimately, your best source for finding the right packaging is your own intuition.  Your equipment is important, valuable, and worth being properly taken care of.  Replacements for broken or damaged equipment can be costly and time consuming, not to mention being just an unnecessary hassle for you and your company.

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