BroadcastIn the high stakes world of broadcast journalism, speed is everything. Getting to wherever the story is happening and being able to easily transport your equipment, with the confidence that it will work immediately once unpacked, is crucial to staying competitive in an increasingly instantaneous news cycle. You need to be sure that your broadcast equipment can be stowed safely and easily. Advanced Packaging is here with some of the many benefits to choosing a weatherproof aluminum case for storing and transporting broadcast equipment.

The Best Materials

If you’re looking for transport cases for your broadcast equipment then you’re going to want one that’s made of the highest quality materials. You’ve sunk a lot of money into your cameras and microphones, there’s no call to risk it all by using a substandard case. At Advanced Packaging we build our sturdy transport cases from thick, tempered aluminum, which can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Ventilated Casing

As a media professional you know the importance of keeping cameras and sound equipment well ventilated. If you just shove a warm camera or microphone into an unventilated, waterproof container, it’s very easy from them to overheat and become damaged. Our rack mounted aluminum cases can be custom built to include side ventilation to ensure your broadcast equipment is well protected internally and externally.

Built-In Power

If you’re a reporter or technician in the field, you know that the time spent unpacking, setting up equipment, and routing power to it can often cost you a story. With cases from Advanced Packaging, you won’t even have to remove your equipment from its case. Our aluminum cases have A/C inlet and outlet ports, which can be instantly connected to external power outlets, saving you time and getting that story.

Want Weatherproof Aluminum Case For Your Broadcast Equipment?

If you’re transporting any kind of broadcast equipment and want complete protection from the elements, humidity, and impact, there’s only one way to go: Custom aluminum cases. At Advanced Packaging we manufacture custom aluminum cases designed to protect broadcast equipment from even the toughest physical and elemental conditions over and over. Light, strong, and cost effective, our aluminum shipping containers can be quickly manufactured to any specification, ensuring your broadcast equipment is protected during travel time and time again.

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