medical transport caseDoctors, nurses, and other health professionals are our lifelines. They take care of us when we’re sick and patch us up when we’ve been hurt. In order for medical professionals to do that, though, all of their equipment needs to be delivered safely and in one piece. Medical equipment is transported for all kinds of different reasons. For one, they have to get safely from the manufacturer to the hospital or care facility. Other times, medical equipment has to be transported from one medical center to another or even within the medical center. Medical equipment is frequently either fragile or sensitive; something as simple as a drop could cause a very expensive machine to stop working, which could mean the difference between life and death for someone.

How Can Custom Medical Equipment Cases Help?

Custom medical cases provide multiple perks for the transportation of medical equipment.

  • Enhanced Mobility – The custom case options at API allow you to add wheels and handles for easier mobility. Rather than heaving around heavy cases that are easy to drop, you can roll the cases to their destination. Most cases are shockproof as well, which means that even if there are a few bumps along the way, your cargo will be safe.
  • Tough Exteriors – A tough outer shell will help secure everything inside the case.  If the case gets dropped or shuffled around too much, everything inside will be protected by the roto-molded, aluminum, or injection molded case. The corners are created to help with stacking and to avoid taking any damage.
  • Custom Foam Interiors – While the shell is extremely useful against outside forces, the foam interior helps to keep all of the equipment in a safe spot and from banging against the inside of the case or against the other equipment too much. Custom foam interiors can be cut to fit any instrument or machine necessary.

Custom Medical Equipment Cases from Advanced Packaging Inc.

Call Advanced Packaging, Inc. Advanced Packaging was established over 40 years ago with the mission of engineering and delivering the highest quality shipping and cushioning systems available.

Since then our worldwide customer base has grown to include those in the military, government, commercial and industrial business sectors, as well as many other industries. API’s local clients value our convenience to the Washington, DC tech corridor.

Not only do we make custom cases for every type of industry, API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies.

If you have any questions, please contact Advanced Packaging Inc. by calling 1-888-206-5250 or visit our website today!

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