It’s important for the American military to adhere to the highest possible standards when it comes to handling and storing their equipment. In combat situations, failing equipment isn’t just unacceptable, it’s potentially lethal. The hazards of military life dictate that equipment must be stored in containers with protective interiors. But what kind of interior is best? Advanced Packaging is here with a quick guide to the custom case interiors we offer for our military cases.

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Foam Linings and Inserts

Foam linings and inserts are popular and practical choices for military case interiors. Adding a foam insert or lining is easy, affordable, and greatly increases the cases ease of operation and protective qualities. A simple foam lining will ensure that the equipment within the case won’t be damaged by an impact with the case’s interior. At Advanced Packaging we can design foam inserts to fit any object or piece of equipment. This not only increases the cases protective power, but makes it easier to organize its contents, ensuring that military personnel won’t be fumbling around looking for small equipment pieces during crucial operations.


In terms of protecting specialized computer and electronics equipment, it’s hard to do better than a rackmount case option. Rackmounts are customizable, in-case electronics housings that make it easy to safely store computer equipment for use in the harshest environments. At Advanced Packaging we offer strong, durable, aluminum racks which are equipped with shock-absorbers to prevent damage from impact, shock, and vibration.

Climate Control

It’s no secret that a huge portion of military operations take place in environments that are much less forgiving than, say, an office. While it’s doubtlessly difficult for soldiers and personnel, these climates can also cause irreparable damage to equipment. Especially sensitive instruments will need to be sufficiently protected from the elements to have any hope of survival. At Advanced Packaging we offer specialty climate-controlled cases which can sport internal A/C and heating units, vents, waterproof exteriors, and pressure-release controls, ensuring your sensitive military equipment stays in working order.

Need A Custom Case Interior Suitable for Military Use?

Call Advanced Packaging, Inc. Advanced Packaging was established over 40 years ago with the mission of engineering and delivering the highest quality shipping and cushioning systems available.

Since then our worldwide customer base has grown to include those in the military, government, commercial and industrial business sectors, as well as many other industries. API’s local clients value our convenience to the Washington, DC tech corridor.

Not only do we make custom cases for every type of industry, API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies.

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