ISO 9000 CompliantYou’ve always kept your dreams a secret, but you can deny them no longer. It’s time to start your band. Now, the best part about starting this up after becoming a working professional is that you now have the money to invest in proper equipment. You can buy that fancy Les Paul you’ve always wanted along with the amps of your dreams. You can finally grab those special drums you’ve seen on the stages of your idols. Now, once you have the instruments of your dreams you are going to need to invest in professional cases. There is nothing sadder than showing up to an open mic night with a broken guitar.

Cases do more than prevent scratches.

A quality case is going to do a lot more than you think. Instruments can be damaged by shock, loss of moisture, and extreme temperatures. Guitars are particularly vulnerable because many of them are made of wood. A dry guitar may crack and then require repair. You can tell your guitar is too dry by simply looking at the grains of the wood. If the grains of the wood are very pronounced and even feel dry, it may be time to humidify it. Similarly, extreme heat will cause your guitar to dry out as well. A good case will also keep electronic instruments or other accessories from getting ruined. Humidity can be a sound board’s worst nightmare, and sound boards aren’t cheap. However, these trials can be avoided by keeping your precious equipment in a good case.

Custom cases suit your needs.

Investing in a custom case is more than just practical, it’s efficient. You can keep your amp and all the wires together and protected. Maybe you want to keep some extra picks, some spare strings, and other assorted goodies with your instrument for emergencies. Maybe you have a much more specific need that only a custom case could provide. Either way, make sure your case is designed to fit your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more and maybe even buying that special case contact Advanced Packaging Inc. by phone, 410-358-9444, or on their website You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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