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There are two important criteria for reusable shipping cases. First, they must be able to protect what they are shipping. Second they have to be cost effective. If your shipping cases don’t fit either of these criteria, you should consider switching to aluminum shipping cases. Aluminum shipping cases are better at protecting, and more cost effective then cardboard, wood, or plastic. If you have valuable cargo, you can’t go wrong with an aluminum shipping case.


Aluminum alloy is an excellent material for shipping cases because of its mechanical properties.  Aluminum by itself isn’t very strong, but can be alloyed with metals, like magnesium, copper, tin, and zinc, to make a material with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Aluminum alloy’s strength to weight ratio rivals that of steel, so a case made from aluminum is almost as strong as a steel case, but is less then half the weight.

Another beneficial quality of aluminum is its malleability. Because of its malleability aluminum is easy to shape and form into a case of any size and shape. Aluminum’s malleability provides aluminum with the important benefit of being able to absorb the energy from impacts better then materials like steel, or wood. When Aluminum is impacted it may deform, slightly in the form of a dent, but this causes the energy to be absorbed by the aluminum rather then by the cargo inside the case.

On top of being strong, and malleable, aluminum has other properties that make it ideal for protecting your cargo. Aluminum does not corrode, with stands water temperature, is resistant to UV rays, quickly ground static electricity, and is hygienic and easy to clean. All of these properties add up to aluminum shipping cases providing excellent protection for your goods, but what about cost effectiveness?

Cost Effectiveness

Aluminum shipping cases provide a long term cost effective solution for your shipping needs. Aluminum cases are relatively inexpensive to manufacture because they do not require a mold to be crafted, and aluminum is a malleable metal that is easy to shape. With modern machining metal cases can be crafted quickly and relatively inexpensively. They do end up being somewhat more expensive then plastic cases to purchase in bulk, but while their initial capital investment is higher then shipping cases made of plastic and wood, their durability makes up for it. Aluminum shipping cases will last several life times. Aluminum does not corrode like other metals. Aluminum doesn’t rot or molder like wood and cardboard. Aluminum does not get brittle in the cold, or after long term exposure to the sun like plastic. Aluminum cases can be reused for years. If a case type designed for a specific type is no longer needed, the case can be repurposed by changing it’s foam inserts and reused. And if they become too badly damaged to use, the aluminum is completely recyclable.  Aluminum is the ultimate in cost effective shipping case materials.

Want Aluminum Shipping Cases?


If you want cases that will protect your cargo and are cost effective you want aluminum shipping cases. At Advanced Packaging we manufacture custom aluminum cases designed to stand up to the toughest physical and elemental conditions over and over, making them ideal for shipping cargo by airplane. Light, strong, and cost effective, our aluminum shipping cases can be quickly manufacture to any specification ensuring your cargo is protected during airplane travel time and time again.

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