Advanced Packaging Inc. brings its 40 years of experience engineering quality shipping and storage systems to help serve the United States Military. To do this we provide the military with high quality custom cases for different applications within the military, including storing and shipping weapons and munitions, field communications and computing technology, and essential supply storage. We engineer our custom cases to meet the specific requirements of shipping, storage, and fielding for each piece of equipment so that the case provides optimal protection.

custom military caseWeapons and Munitions Cases

Though the weapons deployed by the United States Military are built to be durable and withstand the trials of field operation, sometimes the rigors of shipping and storage can represent greater strain. Military weapons are transported over land, by water, and in air, and when they reach their destination it’s vital that they’re in working order, no matter what ordeals they faced on their way there. Advanced Packaging engineers its custom cases to meet MIL-SPEC requirements, with foam interiors custom cut to provide mission specific solutions. Advanced Packaging Inc. supplies the military with injection and roto-molded heavy duty plastic cases for field deployment, transportation, and storage. API builds its weapons cases to be airtight, lightweight, shockproof, waterproof, and to withstand the harsh conditions of combat. We do this not just to meet military specifications but because building anything else would be a disservice to our men and women in uniform.

double entry rack mount caseField Communications and Computing Technology

Communications and intelligence have always played vital importance in the history of warfare and the United States has always strived to be on the cutting edge of warfare technology. As a result of this the use of computers at front line bases, and even on the field of combat has increased dramatically. Advanced Packaging Inc. supplies the military with solutions for computer transportation and field use. These cases are manufactured to the highest standards, and are built to mission specifications to protect the military’s communications and information technology.

Military CasesEssential Supply Storage

Other then weapons, munitions, and technology, the United States Military requires a great deal of essential supplies. The logistics of supplies like food, medical materials, and more are just as important to soldiers as that of their weapons. Advanced Packaging Inc. makes cases to ensure to the safe transport and storage of these supplies to United States Military forces around the globe, so that where ever are soldiers are, they have the supplies they need. This includes cases for medical supplies, footlockers, trunks, and cases for supplies used in the disaster relief efforts provided by the United States Military and National Guard.

Need Military Grade Custom Cases?

We manufacture straight to the military and we know that the cases need to be rugged and reliable. Not only are the majority of our cases watertight, but they also can be fitted with custom foam interiors to make sure that any cargo gets safely from point A to point B without getting shuffled around and breaking. We have watertight cases for weapons, electronic integrations, medical supplies and more. API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies.

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