custom foam interiorFoam is used for a variety of important transportation purposes such as holding fragile bottles in place during long-distance movements.  Soft and flexible, a custom foam insert is capable of cushioning the most vulnerable objects against the hardest hits it will take on the road.  These custom cuts are purposely measured and built to snuggly hold any object while keeping the pressure on said object to a minimum.  The balance between a soft ride and a firm grip makes foam highly versatile.  Choosing this material to make a tool-holding insert is a great way to keep your professional wares secure during travel.

How They’re Made

One of the greatest advantages of custom foam inserts is that they have the capacity to fit to any object necessary.  However, not all foam is created equal in all regards, and selecting the right foam for the job is the basis for every following step, including transporting the objects in need.  How easy an object is to break, how turbulent the travel, and how strenuous the work environment is on the object are all considered at the start.  The foams are made from different types of plastics such as polyurethane, polystyrene, and polyethylene.  The foam may also be created to reduce static.  Once the foam is chosen, the design is put together in a CAD program to create a layout that is accurate to the details of the object.  If the opening is the wrong size, the object may bounce around, break, or simply not fit.  The layout is processed by a cutting system that uses one of several tools.  Water-jets, die-cut presses, and saws are all used to cut away the foam until it is to specifications.  At this point, the foam is then fixed into the casing for the object and is ready for presentation.

Why use Foam?

Foam’s unique properties allow it to mould to any necessary shape.  This flexibility allows for customized inserts that keep products in place unless pulled out directly.  However, foam is also uniquely shock-absorbent, taking the bumps of a car, boat, train, or plane trip with grace and ease.  Your valuable tools are guaranteed to arrive safely in one piece, ready for use.  Foam is also sturdy enough to last for as long as you need it to.  Unless you go out of your way to damage it, the inserts will last quite a long time and serve your needs for years, possibly outliving the case that houses it.

Contact API

Advanced Packaging, Inc. is available to provide the best custom foam insert cushioning to you at your specifications.  Our professional team can give you our best pre-made cases or create a new case for a truly unique hallmark for your profession.  Request information by calling 888-206-5250, or use our contact page to reach us over the Internet in order to request a special product quote.  We reply within a 24 hour time window, from Monday to Friday.

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