double entry rack mount casesFirst things first: what is a rack mount and why do I need one? If you have electronic equipment that you want to protect, you may want to consider getting a rack mount. A rack mount is a case that has a durable outer shell surrounding an inner metallic rack, to which the electronic equipment is permanently mounted. Made popular by the military, rack mounts are terrific for people looking to safely store sensitive equipment while maintaining portability.


What makes a double entry rack mount case different from a standard rack mount? A double entry rack mount case is a stackable case, often used for shipping and storing electronics. These can be customized and are all designed to meet industry standards. Even better – they rarely require placing and can withstand just about any condition they might come across.


How to decide whether or not double entry rack mount cases are right for your equipment then? Here are a few things to consider before investing in a double entry rack mount case.


Protection: Do your products need protection? Double entry rack mount cases can protect your equipment from shock, vibration, and sudden impact, as well as humidity, dust, and moisture. When it comes to shipping precious cargo, double entry rack mount cases are an ideal way to transport products to avoid any potential incidents.


Transport: Double entry rack mount cases come with comfort-grip handles for easy lifting, can be secured in just a few seconds, and offer molded in-rib exteriors so they can be stacked and interlocked securely. Portability is key to making sure that you can easily get your double entry rack mount case from point a to point b without any issues!


Customization: Double entry rack mount cases can be built pretty much any possible way, which means that you are guaranteed to have protection for your products. Furthermore, they can be created from a variety of materials, such as the strongest synthetics, plastics, or recyclable aluminum. Given that these can be made to your specification with an emphasis on what is important to you, double rack entry mount cases are an easy choice when thinking about how to best transport your expensive and sensitive electronic equipment.


Not only do we make custom cases for every type of industry, API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies.


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