memorial day,

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial day has come and it is once again time to honor the brave men and women in the armed forces. We salute those of you who have risked your lives to defend the freedom and peace of our country. Words can never truly express our gratitude, but we offer them all the same. So, thank you for your bravery and thank you for keeping us safe.

Advanced packaging honors the military.

We at Advanced packaging have been supporting the armed forces with our custom cases for over 40 years and we are honored to continue the tradition. We construct the sturdiest and reliable military equipment cases around because we know the importance of their work. They protect us, so the least we can do is protect their equipment. We offer a wide variety of custom cases with custom foam inserts to protect any type of equipment that the armed forces may need.

We offer custom cases for combat conditions.

Each of our cases is tested to prove that it can handle anything. Extreme temperatures, shocks, and moisture don’t bother you, and they won’t bother your equipment either. We design equipment cases that are as tough as you are, so if you’re looking for rugged, then you have come to the right place. We even design cases for mission-specific needs if asked. We can do it all. So, if your veterans or current military personnel need a custom case for Memorial Day, then we’ve got the answers.

Need a custom case for Memorial Day?

Advanced Packaging, Inc. was established over 40 years ago with the mission of engineering and delivering the highest quality shipping and cushioning systems available. Since then our worldwide customer base has grown to include those in the military, government, commercial and industrial business sectors, as well as many other industries. API’s local clients value our convenience to the Washington, DC tech corridor.

If you have any questions about our Custom Military Cases & Containers, please contact Advanced Packaging Inc. by calling 1-888-206-5250 or visit our website today!

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