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Custom foam inserts will save your equipment every time!

When you have sensitive equipment that you need to transport, you don’t have time or resources to waste. You need to be able to get from point A to point B without having to worry about your equipment suffering damages. After all, you’ve got a job to do and it’s an important job. Even if you’re not in the military, you can benefit from the strength and reliability of a military grade case. The custom foam inserts that come with our cases fit any type of equipment because they’re entirely custom made. We can find the right custom case and foam inserts for all of your equipment. So, would you like to learn more? Let’s go for it!

Custom foam inserts absorb the damage.

When you drop sensitive equipment on the ground, you might be worried about whether or not it’s going to break. Even if the case itself is strong enough to protect it, you might still be nervous. Here’s where the custom foam inserts come in. They absorb the shock of being dropped so that your equipment, no matter how fragile, won’t take the impact. This could be the difference between a broken camera lens or a busted computer and a working piece of equipment. Don’t gamble with you delicate equipment. Protect it with custom foam inserts.

Looking for custom cases with foam inserts perfect for your equipment?

We manufacture straight to the military and we know that the cases need to be rugged and reliable. Not only are the majority of our cases watertight, but they also can be fitted with custom foam interiors to make sure that any cargo gets safely from point A to point B without getting shuffled around and breaking. We have watertight cases for weapons, electronic integrations, medical supplies and more. API is also equipped with the latest in quality assurance and process control monitoring technology, including drop testing, protecting your electronic equipment from unforeseen accidents and events. Our team of craftsmen regularly build and then test a variety complex electronic assemblies.

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