With a variety of packaging available for packaging your product, it's important to know which type of packaging is best for that product. You don't want to stick a fragile electronic product alone in some packing peanuts. That's where custom foam comes to play. 


For some products, packing peanuts just doesn't do the job

Custom foam inserts are cut to specifically fit your product. It keeps the product and product components in place in their designated cut-outs. With the product securely nested in its custom foam packaging, it is subject to little or no jolting or bouncing. This makes custom foam inserts the best choice when you want your product to move around as little as possible.

There are many products and instances where custom foam is the best packaging option. See if your product matches up with the following, and contact Advanced Packaging, Inc. to order your custom foam inserts.


Electronics have many fragile components, and the less they're shaken up, the better. Without sturdy packaging screens can crack, casing can dent, buttons can become dislodged, and more. Custom foam inserts make these issues a worry of the past. With cut outs that can precisely hold the electronic product safely and securely, there won't be a need for additional packaging or wrapping. The product will surely arrive in place just as it was packaged when using custom foam.

Glass, Porcelain, and Other Fragile Materials

Anything that can easily crack or shatter when dropped should be packaged in custom foam. Besides the worry of the product reaching its destination cracked or blemished from the rough process of shipping, glass and porcelain can be dangerous when shattered. An unsuspecting person opening a box of sharp, shattered material can cause injuries. With custom foam inserts made to fit the material snugly and provide padding, you can be assured your glass, porcelain, or fragile-material product will arrive in one piece.

Products with Many Pieces

Perhaps you don't want the recipient to open a box full of jumbled-up pieces. Perhaps your product comes in many pieces that may tangle or damage each other if shuffled around. Delivery services aren't known for keeping a box right-side-up the entire way, so relying on custom foam inserts is a better option. Cut to fit each tiny (or large) piece in your package, you won't have to worry about your product's pieces doing some traveling of its owns.

Ask API Today About Custom Foam

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