Injection molding machines, like this one, revolutionized the way plastic products are made.

Injection molded plastics have been widely used since the improvement of the technology around the second World War, and have been providing custom and cost-effective solutions ranging from packaging all the way to toy production. When it comes to injection molded custom cases, Advanced Packaging can help you and your company come up with custom packaging solutions that will fit a multitude of needs and possibilities. The details below should tell you if injection molded custom cases are the right solution for you.

Custom Cases Are Tough and Durable

If they’re strong enough for the US Military, you know we mean it when we say these are tough cases. Regarded highly for their impact resistance, custom injected cases are also waterproof and built to last longer than wood, iron, or steel. With such toughness, you can be confident that any electronics, medical equipment, or other delicate materials will be safe as can be inside injection molded custom cases.

Injection Molded Plastics Are Fully Customizable

Plastic injection molding is a fully customizable process in and of itself, so using it to make cases is no different. After a consultation with an Advanced Packaging specialist, first a custom mold will be made to fit your needs. Then the mold will be injected with hot liquid plastics, which will solidify as it cools, forming your heavy-duty custom cases. Once the final touches are put on, you’ll have your custom cases at your disposal for years and years.

They’re Cost-Effective in the Long Term

Although a custom mold can be a bit towards the costly side, a high-quality mold will be able to turn out hundreds of thousands of iterations of the product for which it was built. The plastic itself that’s used to make the cases is quite inexpensive, and as technologies advance, production costs will likely settle on a downward trend.

Want Custom Injection Molded Transit Cases to Fit Your Needs?

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