benefits of plastic custom cases

Learn about the many benefits of plastic for your custom shipping case needs!

While some would say that a box is just a box, when it comes to transport cases nothing could be further from the truth. When transporting valuables or sensitive equipment it takes the right kind of case to ensure that it is delivered safely and intact. Custom cases protect expensive and delicate equipment from irreparable damage. In these instances there are numerous benefits of plastic custom cases.    

Custom Cases Can Be Made To Be Watertight

From kiddie pools and sippie cups to complex medical and research technology, the watertight capabilities of plastic are endless and make it a necessity. This is one of the main benefits of plastic custom cases. They 100% protect from water infiltration and damage.

Custom Cases Can Be Both Crushproof and Shockproof

This is one of the lesser known, but highly important benefits of plastic. Combined with its other capabilities, plastic provides a high level of protection to transport cases in situations where there is a sizable risk of crushing and shock. This is one of the main reasons designers choose this material, which is popular with the U.S. Military.

Custom Cases Can Be Airtight And Pressure-Regulated

Plastic naturally has watertight characteristics, and makes pressure regulation a breeze. This is why plastic custom cases are often used for delicate items which require air transport, which guarantees potentially damaging extreme pressure changes.

Custom Cases Can Be Made To Meet A Wide Range Of Certifications And Standards  

The varied features, numerous applications, and highly customizable nature of plastic cases mean that they meet the vast majority of standards and certifications related to most industries.  

Custom Cases Are Incredibly Customizable

Custom cases can be made in any size, shape, and way to ensure they meet your specific needs. While they can be outwardly customized, they can also be inwardly customized. Interior customization is both cost effective and works well.  

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