quality custom transit cases

Quality Custom Transit Cases from Advanced Packaging, Inc. have a lot to offer.

Make a case… Get it? Well at least we amuse ourselves. Advanced Packaging, Inc has been in the industry long enough to have seen and heard some horror stories about shipping and transit gone awry due to some shipping containers that weren’t ideal solutions for the task at hand. At API, we take pride in knowing that our quality custom transit cases are built specifically to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout your transit process. In case you aren’t convinced, let us make the case for custom shipping cases.

Avoid the Cheap Stuff

As tempting as it may be to cut costs on shipping, doing so could end up being quite a large mistake. Particularly when transporting delicate and fragile materials, shipping is not something to be taken lightly. By investing in quality custom transit cases, you’re guaranteed to have a shipping solution that keeps your equipment as safe as possible during shipment. Cheap cases might not keep your items secure or might leave their contents vulnerable to external damage. That won’t happen with Advanced Packaging.

Benefits of Custom Transit Cases

Whether you’re shipping electronics, delicate medical equipment or mission critical military supplies, a custom case is the best way to ensure your package’s safe arrival at its destination. Custom foam inserts will keep  your items gently cushioned against jostling and bumping, while aluminum exteriors protect against dents and collisions. Going further, we can also integrate electronics systems into the case itself if need be, to keep your contents up and running.

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