regulating internal temperature shipping case color

This nice and bright white case will do a great job reflecting light and heat to protect the contents inside.

Time for a science lesson, class! Sometimes you’ll find that you need to ship items that are sensitive to heat, and it’s important to keep custom case design in mind to help with regulating internal temperature. Today we’ll be learning all about the different colors that shipping or transit cases can be, and how those differences can affect the way heat is absorbed or reflected. Yes, Johnny, you can go to the bathroom first, but make it quick! We have a lot to learn!

Shipping Case Color

Have you ever spent a sunny summer day outside wearing a black t-shirt? What about getting into a black car after a day at the beach? It feels like every single drop of sunshine is pounding you with heat, and like you’re about to melt, doesn’t it? On the other side of the coin, what about wearing a white t-shirt or getting into a white car? Much better, right? That’s because darker colors absorb much more sunlight than lighter colors, therefore absorbing more of those sun rays’ heat. This is because color works by reflecting different wavelengths — or different colors of light — to produce what we perceive as the object’s color. When all colors of light are reflected and combined, you see white, and when none of the light is reflected, you see black. So something that looks white is reflecting all of that solar energy, whereas something that looks black is absorbing it. Ta-da! Science!

That all being said, we know white isn’t always the most practical shipping case color, particularly for military use. That’s why the Navy uses light gray colors for regulating internal temperature of their cases, and the Army uses tan or olive shades. Both of these do almost as good a job with reflecting light as white does — and certainly much better than black.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing a custom shipping case to optimize the transit process. Next week we’ll be back with more information about the different materials that you can choose for regulating internal temperature.

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