custom transit cases

Sensitive electronics need to be delivered to their destination safely. Accomplish that with custom transit cases.

When it comes to transporting sensitive or delicate equipment and objects which can be easily damaged in the course of transit, nothing will protect them better than custom transit cases. Depending on your needs and what your are trying to transport, there are a wide variety of cases to choose from. This is good news, as the vibrations caused by boats, trucks, planes, and trains moving can cause damage. Read on to learn more about the protection custom transit cases offer electronics.  

Why Is Vibration Harmful To Electronics?

A vibration is a constant oscillation about a fixed point, that moves back and forth and keeps going. When it comes to electronics, this constant vibration caused by various means of transportation causes problems. It damages boards and components, which can cause failure and render electronics useless. To make things even more complicated, many electronic components and boards have resonant frequencies in the range of 50 – 200Hz. This is often similar to the kind of continual shaking electronic equipment experiences on a long journey and can result in failure.

Custom Transit Cases Mitigate The Effects Of Constant Vibration

Unfortunately, there is not yet such a thing as vibration free transportation. Even many supposedly equipment-safe environments can end up shaking sensitive electronics to failure. However, custom transit cases designed specifically to absorb this vibration and protect electronic and sensitive equipment can help. For some applications, foam, cut to hold the equipment securely, is enough to get the job done and protect electronics. The inertia of the equipment or package holds its contents in place while the outer case moves. The foam flexes to absorb energy and stops the vibration from negatively affecting anything inside. There are numerous types of custom transit cases to suit different needs. Custom transit cases designed to absorb excessive vibration are critical when it comes to preserving electronics.

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