Protect Electronics from Vibration with Custom Shipping Cases

Earthquake? Not a problem for your sensitive electronics in an API custom shipping case.

Vibration can damage electronic devices such as computers and radio transmitters. Vibration can cause screws to come loose and cards and cables to become unplugged, as well as all sorts of other damage. This results in equipment being unusable and requiring repair after long journeys without the protection of custom shipping cases. Fortunately, outside of certain cases involving resonance, this damage is generally repairable.

Excitation At A Natural Frequency   

Just as the strings on string instruments vibrate when they are plucked, every object has a natural frequency it vibrates at when plucked. These vibrations gradually come to a stop, unless an object is plucked repeatedly, which strengthens the vibrations. If this occurs at a rate matching the natural frequency, the increase in vibration amplitude is called resonance. When it comes to electronics, excitation at the natural frequency can make board-mounted components vibrate so severely that it is damaging. It can also harm circuit boards. This makes custom shipping cases invaluable for transporting sensitive electronic devices safely.  

Custom Shipping Cases Offer Vibration Damage Protection   

Correctly engineered and high quality custom transit cases protect sensitive equipment from vibration damage by isolating them from damaging external sources of vibration. Elastomeric or wire rope mounts often keep the object in a safe position away from the walls of the case. This works to reduce both the amplitude of the vibration and the energy transmitted by it. The excitation frequency must be taken into account when designing custom cases. This largely depends on how a case is transported. Air, road, and rail transportation provide different challenges and  different sources of harmful vibration which must be taken into account when creating custom shipping cases to protect delicate equipment.

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